The high quality and volume of cardiac CT scans made at our site, creates the opportunity to gather a great amount of research data. Currently several research projects are coupled to the cardiac CT.


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2. Additive value of semiautomated quantification of coronary artery disease using cardiac computed tomographic angiography to predict future acute coronary syndrome.

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3. Accelerated in vivo thrombin formation independently predicts the presence and severity of CT angiographic coronary atherosclerosis.

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4. Relation between mild to moderate chronic kidney disease and coronary artery disease determined with coronary CT angiography.

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5. Vitamin K-antagonists accelerate atherosclerotic calcification and induce a vulnerable plaque phenotype.

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6. Patients originally diagnosed with idiopathic atrial fibrillation more often suffer from insidious coronary artery disease compared to healthy sinus rhythm controls.

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8. High-sensitivity cardiac troponin T: risk stratification tool in patients with symptoms of chest discomfort.

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9. Epicardial adipose tissue volume as a predictor for coronary artery disease in diabetic, impaired fasting glucose, and non-diabetic patients presenting with chest pain.

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10. Combined use of exercise electrocardiography, coronary calcium score and cardiac CT angiography for the prediction of major cardiovascular events in patients presenting with stable chest pain.

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PMID: 22225760 [PubMed – in process]

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11. Comparison of Framingham, PROCAM, SCORE, and Diamond Forrester to predict coronary atherosclerosis and cardiovascular events.

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