Level 1+2 course combination

The Level 1+2 course gives you the opportunity to take part in the level 1 and 2 course for a reduced price.


Level 1 Course

The Level 1 course will impart the participants the basics of the interpretation of the images and the optimization of image acquisition. 50 selected cases will be completed with the use of cardiac dedicated PHILIPS software. This course will be taught at level 1.

Level 2 Course

The level 2 course is designed for experienced Cardiologists, Radiologists in cardiac CTA. This advanced course will train participants to an experienced level 2 user, covering the ability to perform cardiac CT scans and to interpret cardiac CT images. 100 selected cases will be completed with the use of cardiac dedicated Philips software.



The CIRC Level 1 course objectives are:

• Offer background information about the scanner physics, contrast dynamics, acquisition methods, administration of medication to enhance image quality
• Get familiar with the software and interpretation of images to:
• Detect coronary stenosis and plaque burden
• Detect artifacts and pitfalls
• Correlate CTA to catheterization
• 50 selected cases will be completed
• The duration of the course is 3½ days

The CIRC level 2 course objectives are:

• Offer advanced information about scanner settings with the goal to enhance image quality and reduce radiation burden.
• 100 selected cases will be completed towards level 2 certification (in combination with the 50 cases from level A)
• Duration 4½ days



The level A course is accredited by the NVVC (dutch society of Cardiology) for 25 NVVC/ESC/EBAC accreditation points.


Price combination offer

Level 1 course  (€ 2.400,-)
Level 2 course  (€ 2.800,-)

€ 4.400,-         save € 800,-
The combination offer cannot be booked online. Please contact us to book this offer.


Site and Location

Our site is equipped with both a 64-slice Multi Detector CT with Step & Shoot ability and a 64-slice Multi Detector PETCT. Besides, there are 4 fully equipped catheterization labs. At the moment we are performing over 1.200 Cardiac CT’s a year.

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